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 Let’s Get to the Work of Being Americans

Whew! If nothing else, at least we can all say the 2016 Presidential election process is over. Win, lose or draw; left, right or center; it’s over. Now we begin the process of moving forward with a new President and a new cabinet.

As the CEO of a not-for-profit organization, much of what I do is controlled by a Board of Directors. Often there are issues I want the Board to support (or oppose) but they will not. There may be strategies I think will be good for the organization, but they do not receive the support of my ruling body. There are times when I cannot understand why this ruling came down the way it did. I wonder if they cannot understand the what or the why of my suggestions.

This is the way it is for so many Executive Directors and CEO’s of Chambers and other not-for-profit organizations. When these decisions come down, there is nothing for us to do but to get to work making things happen within the framework we are given.

So it is now for many Americans. Our nation was built by and for change. We make this change every four or eight years. This change is one of our strengths; this change is why so many in other countries still want to come to the United States. The smooth transition of power can be so rare in today’s world. Our government doesn’t have to work a deal with a radical revolutionary force that robs and pillages in rural areas. We elect and re-elect representatives in an orderly fashion and our system of government prevails; it endures; it becomes stronger as time goes on.

Now is the time to begin the new work. Whether that work is rebuilding the government, rebuilding a political party or working locally to promote issue that are important to you. This is the time to begin again. We did it after two World Wars, after the debacle of Viet Nam. We did it after the dot com crash and the financial meltdown. America recovers peacefully from events that would topple or cripple other systems.

We are coming into the Holiday Season. Let’s leave the acrimony of politics by the way side, let’s give the vitriol a rest and instead see the good that comes to us all because we are living in the United States of America. Celebrate the season of giving. Have faith that here, in our country, good will win out.

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