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Southern California Gas Company’s Advanced Meters Coming to Town

Earlier this year the Chamber applied for and received a grant from the Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) to help with its Advanced Meters Community Outreach and Education Program. In the coming months, we will be sending you information about what these devices are, why they are being installed, how minimal their impacts will be and, how you can opt out if you wish.

The advanced meters will improve customer safety, help save energy and money for customers, increase customer privacy, and benefit the environment.

An Advanced Meter is simply an additional communication device placed on the gas meters you already have in place. The device is a small battery-powered unit that measures the amount of natural gas your household uses in the course of each day and transfers it electronically. That is all it does. Two AA batteries power a radio frequency (450 MHz) burst of information that is only on for a fraction of a second every day, less than two minutes over the course of a year. SoCalGas will know only how much gas you use daily. The company will not know how or when you use gas. The Advanced Meter devices do not communicate with other meters, nor do they communicate with appliances in your home or business. And they cannot turn gas service on or off.

Advanced Meters are making data collection more efficient. They also will allow customers – both residential and commercial – to track their usage on a daily basis. For large commercial users, it could be an opportunity to reduce costs through more prudent consumption.

We will be sharing more information with you over time. If you have questions concerning the implementation of the Advanced Meters, contact SoCalGas at 1-800-427-2200.



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