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Member Spotlight 

An Interview with Katrina Sexton, Owner of Treasures of Ojai, Antiques
by Reynold Akison 
OBJ: What is Treasures of Ojai’s primary business?

Katrina: We buy and sell art, antiques, collectibles and home furnishings. We offer appraisals and conduct estate sales and liquidations. We can also arrange to send entire collections to auction.

We do fair market evaluations of items and estates that satisfy insurers and probate courts. We offer a consignment service, splitting the value of an item sold with the consignee. We can arrange shipping for items purchased in the store, although we don’t do the shipping ourselves. We also work with and can recommend a certified appraiser.

The store also houses a third-party, consignment, women’s clothing store on our second floor.

OBJ: What’s the most important thing you want reader’s to know about Treasures of Ojai?

Katrina: We offer customers quality merchandise. We see ourselves as keepers of history by making antiques and collectibles from various historical eras available for sale. We subscribe to industry databases that help keep us up-to-date on the current market value for art, antiques and collectibles. We do research, and we’re knowledgeable about the items we sell.

My son, Mason, is a specialist in sterling silver. He and his partner, Amanda, both graduates of the Kansas City Art Institute, bring their combined expertise to the store.

OBJ: Who is your target customer?

Katrina: We have three levels of customers: Local customers who shop the store on a regular basis; what I call “Ventura County locals” who visit Ojai and our store frequently; and then tourists and visitors who are drawn to Ojai and discover our store on their visit. Many tourists return to the store every time they come back to Ojai.

OBJ: Do you ever have special sales or offers?

Katrina: On Thanksgiving weekend we offer a 20%-off sale throughout the store. In April each year we celebrate “Pixie Tangerine Month” when tagged-items receive a 10% discount. Sometimes we’ll offer a 10%-off sale on selected items for a week or weekend. We advertise those sales in the Ojai Valley News, on Craig’s List and through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

 OBJ: Do you sell online?

 Katrina: We plan to be selling online within the next six months.

 OBJ: What’s the biggest challenge facing Treasures of Ojai this year?

Katrina: We have three ongoing challenges. Our first challenge is manning the store and delivering an optimum level of customer service while providing appraisal services and processing newly-arrived merchandise at the same time.

Our second challenge is keeping quality dealers at Treasures of Ojai. We’re like a family. Most of our dealers have been with us for many years. We’re choosey about new dealers; we require and maintain the highest level of ethical standards.

Our third challenge is just keeping track of more than two hundred thousand items under one roof. 

OBJ: What would you say makes doing business in the Ojai Valley different from doing business in other places?

Katrina: Ojai is a small, family-oriented town. We get to meet and know the families of many of our local customers and clients.

I think you have to be aware of how social media can affect your store in a small town like Ojai. You must treat all customers and clients with respect and keep a positive attitude befitting Ojai.

OBJ: What sets your business apart from others in the Ojai Valley?

Katrina: There’s no other store like ours in Ojai. We offer excellent customer service. We have a large, wide-ranging assortment of unique antiques and collectibles, including jewelry and silver. I think we’re good at displaying our merchandise. People enjoy visiting our store!
OBJ: Is there anything else you’d like to add about Treasures of Ojai that we haven’t covered?

Katrina: When I bought the business 12 years ago my goal was to continue to raise the bar by bringing quality merchandise to Ojai while having fun doing it. I’m still having fun and achieving my goal at the same time.

OBJ: What would you like readers of this interview to remember about Treasures of Ojai?

Katrina: I challenge readers, Ojai Chamber members, and local residents to come to the store. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find and pleased when you use our services.

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